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Bowmore - Lunar New Year '23 (Limited Edition)

Conceptualised and executed a limited edition package design for the entire range of Tiger Beer which was launched for Singapore's National Day -which then was used to created all the key visuals and OOH for the whole NDP campaign. The limited edition products were sold at all Retail stores in Singapore for a period of over 2 months.

Concept: Tiger being the National beer of Singapore and the Merlion being the official mascot of Singapore, we re-imagine the meeting of these 2 iconic creatures, with an explosion of all things that represent Singapore to celebrate 2022's Singapore National Day.


A few of the Alternative KVs that ran in different specific markets including China & Canada.

Bowmore 18YO KV - Horizontal_Bilingual.jpg
Bowmore 18YO KV - VerticalP_Bilingual.jpg
Bowmore 12YO China KV - Vertical.jpg
Bowmore 12YO China KV - Horizontal-01.jpg


Senior Art Director/Designer: Janath Gamage

Illustrator: Erika Tay

Copywriter: Kriffith Fernando

Executive Creative Director: Sharim Gubbels

Group Account Director: Adela Andrei

Snr. Account Manager: Syazwani Soenar

General Manager: Benoit Freyburger

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